Sony Alpha A100, first pictures

Sony - First Alpha D-SLR camera

Polish magazine Fotopolis ( just published some images taken with the new Sony Alpha DSLR A100. They give a very first impression of the image quality of the camera.

Essentially, it is impossible to know the exact state of the camera and its embedded software may not be the final version. But the limited quality of 1600 ISO images may explain why Sony did not include a 3200 ISO setting on its Alpha A100 camera.

The most telling part is probably (in the full size image file that you can grab by clicking directly on the small size image presented in the article on the web site) the darker zones of the images. The noise is pretty visible there with a lot of colored artefacts that could be thought as the “grain” of this digital sensor.

But there are good news too in the lighter zones: No perceptible blooming. The high lights will be quite clean if they are kept at this level of quality.

Beware: the web site is very slow (probably a bit overloaded by the overall attention).

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  1. This is confirmed by somebody present in the launch meeting of the Sony Alpha A100: The software was not the official final version.

    This may well explain the current situation. Let’s give some time to Sony’s engineers to optimize the parameters of the cleaning algorithm of the camera. Just let’s hope they won’t go to a major smoothing of the image (thus removing details from the picture). they have some work to do, but it is quite a common case.


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