The riskier photo sports

When you started using your camera, you shot everything. Today, you are out of ideas, out of models. If you’re photo-bored, there’s still one trendy thing you can try.

camera toss or toss photo.

You only have to… toss your photo camera in the air while pressing the little red button. The difficult technique has to draw from:

  • limited lighting (to get a long exposure – without a flash),
  • use of a delayed exposure to ensure smoother moves,
  • some practice to correctly have the camera whirling around,
  • some sure dose of patience (first tries are usually not good at all),
  • a little bit of luck (results can be very interesting),
  • blind courage of the one who does not care about destroying his (very) expensive photo camera.

On the Camera Toss blog, you can check the images already produced by the fans of this sports. You can also bring your own images, if your camera survives to this madness.

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