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  • Alphabet evolution and hyphens

    Alphabet evolution and hyphens

    Thanks to very interesting (and very simple) web site of Paul Hsieh GeekPress, I want to share today with you two little gems about English scripture. You certainly knew that the alphabet we use (A to Z) has not always existed. You may have suspected that it was evoving in time from older scripts. Matt…

  • From Japanese tradition to high-tech

    From Japanese tradition to high-tech

    Two news from Japan that I stumbled upon recently, but which are so beautiful that I immeidately wanted to share them with you here. First, a collection of 1000+ wood-block engravings from Japanese master Utagawa Hiroshige also more simply known as Hiroshige at ArtsMia. Hiroshige is an artist who understood how to marvellously renew the…

  • My own preferred photos: Wild focus

    My own preferred photos: Wild focus

    I know that publishing here on a more or less regular basis my new photos from my own adventures in the wild world is appreciated by some. But I am also asked to come back to older photos or to highlight some of the pictures I prefer. So, I decided to create a kind of…

  • Glenesk, Scottish mecca for whisky

    Glenesk, Scottish mecca for whisky

    A 360° bar full of whisky.

  • Moscow under the sunhine

    Moscow under the sunhine

    Moscou, août 2018.

  • Humankind is beyond hope

    Humankind is beyond hope

    A photographer assembles a Photoshop montage showing Steven Spielberg (world-famous movie producer of Jurassic Park and Jaws) in front of what looks very much like a dead Triceratops (a dinosaur which wasn’t seen on Earth face in the last 60 million years at least). Not the best of taste for sure but who would believe…