Why you must not install MS Office 2007 beta

I think this would be a bad idea. This is why.

I understand very well the peer pressure, the marketing hype and the will to play with the latest gadget. But the newest Microsoft Office 2007 beta has a lot of arguments against being installed on your PC.

  • This is a beta version and, so, it is not guaranteed stable. IT may be obvious, but some may need to read it again. This is not a production stable version, but a test that admits easily containing bugs that you will be willing to find. Are you?
  • It will be valid only until February 2007. If MS Office is late again, you will have to install another beta, and another, until the final version (that you will have to pay whatever your support and your satisfaction up to that point).
  • It will be difficult to come back if you are not happy with 2007 beta. Different file formats, PC installation files (there is a special procedure to install it without crushing a previous version, but you’ll have to be much better at computers to have it work) will play against a later step back.
  • You’d better have a good PC. I mean a fast and new one. Avoid at all costs 800*600 screens even if they are technically usable. You’ll be stuck in a tiny useless window. Be sure to have Windows XP Service Pack 2 .

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