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  • Free fonts by the thousands

    Free fonts by the thousands

    You can’t have too many fonts for your computer. Or can you? Actually, I am trying to make sure that you will get much more than you can swallow here: tens of thousands of character fonts. Not only a bunch of them, but two sources of the nicest kind. FontPark is nothing less than a…

  • Stop complaining

    Stop complaining

    Microsoft Word (or OpenOffice Writer) are excellent software tools with only advantages when you compare them to twhat was available to us a few years ago. The discovery of WYSIWYG:

  • Is it Arial or Helvetica?

    Is it Arial or Helvetica?

    Max Miedinger (24 décembre 1910 à Zurich, Suisse – 8 mars 1980, Zurich, Suisse) était un créateur typographique. Il est surtout connu pour avoir créé Helvetica en 1957.

  • Create your own PDF files for free

    Thanks to Print2pdf from Software 602, a free PDF production utility, you will be able to master nearly everything you wanted to do when creating a PDF file without asking Adobe for their expensive software solution. YouTube link There are other tools for this, but Print2PDF allows both production on your Windows PC and on-line.…

  • MS Office or OpenOffice? The comparison

    MS Office or OpenOffice? The comparison

    Thanks to Bruce Byfield of Linux Journal, it is now possible to have a relatively fair comparison of the heavy-weight champion of office suites (Microsoft Office or MS-Office) and the young hyper-active challenger (OpenOffice). Obviously, OpenOffice advantage is that it is cheaper than Microsoft Office: It’s free. But what are the other ways to compare…

  • v3.2 available for free download

    The excellent office desktop suite, (Word, Excel and PowerPoint, in a free form, if you want) just moved to version 3.2 (still free). New features: Faster start-up times Compatibility with MS-Office 2007 documents Better Compatibility with MS-Office 97, 2000, XP documents, encrypted with a password Importation of dynamic tables from Excel Comments are now…