AMD will slash double core pricing

You want to buy a microprocessor, you were thinking about a double core CPU? Think twice before opening your wallet right now for one of the new new Intel Dual Core 2 Duo (certainly the best product for the time being – it will be available before the end of the month): AMD prices will drop by about 50%.

They cannot fight on pure CPU performance, indeed. At least, not in the coming weeks. Thus, AMD would be prepared to slash its prices by 2. This is not confirmed yet, but taking into account our previous comments here, you can really expect a price war. The impressive features (and benchmark results) of the Intel Dual Core 2 Duo simply have put this one in overdrive.

So, if you want to buy new hardware, you just have to wait a few weeks more. September sales will certainly be attractive. Students willing to buy their first computer will like it.

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