PD70X: An incident?

CompactDrive PD70XAs I still advise to buy a CompactDrive PD70X to empty your Flash memory cards, I had to inform you about a weird little series of incidents I have had these recent days with my own device.

To my knowledge, the Compact Drive PD70x is only available from MacWay (in France) at a reasonable cost of 259€.Right now, there is an offer for an added free 12V car battery charger that will be welcome for all interested into photo safari or any other outdoor photo activity forcing you to stay far from a 230V plug because you are in an SUV or a car.

Without any loss of data (up to now), I observed several lockups that are still unexplained. Several times, the Flash memory card copy operation did not start at all. It was not a very big issue because this was quite clear and visiblefrom the display. But – much more annoying – there was one case of a partial copy (only about 2/3 of the CompactFlash card was copied to the hard drive). Since I have been using the same Transcend 1GB Flash card for the last 6 months, it rules out a compatibility problem.

The exact source/cause is still under analysis. I’ll keep you posted here in the near future.

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