HP Photosmart Pro B9180: Revolution or not?

This is the question I started asking myself after seeing the cover of the July-August 2006 issue of Chasseur d’Images (” HP révolutionnne le A3 “, “HP revolutions A3”) then reading the corresponding article.

this is certainly a brand new good inkjet printer coming from HP in direct competition to the superbs Epson 1800 and 2400 (the latter tending to wipe the competition out in contests since it’s available).

But the article itself is so much softer than the cover cry that I start wondering whether the journalists (of the first European amateur photo magazine) are not simply trying to pitch competition again in front of all-powerfull Epson. You have to admit that with the exception of Canon nobody seemed able to face Epson. And it is only for A4 printers.

The HP Photosmart Pro B9180 seems to be ready to fight and able to kick the leader hard. Separate ink cartridges, superb manufacturing quality (probably leading to robustness, long life, fine mechanical adjustments etc.), completely flat paper path (accepting up to 1.5mm papers or other rigid print bases), Ethernet network interface and – finally – first-class photo printing quality (fully comparable to the Epson 2400), perfectly mastered low metamerism, bright and balanced colours. She’s got it all, except maybe her size and weight (70 cm width).

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