Some insecurity in the Maasai Mara Park

It seems to be well under Kenyan authorities control but, on 22th of August 2005, vans of a safari photo tourists has been attacked by Kenyan bandits while returning from a safari in the Masai Mara National Park. Two Japanese tourists were lightly wounded; The others (Japanese, Americans and South-Africans) returned directly to the safety of their lodge.

Nonetheless, authorities already arrested two of the bandits and are tracking the others.

This seems to be a follow-up to a previous similar attack in the Samburu National Park (in the beginning of August 2005).

Now, history seems to be the same again: I heard the news of tourists being robbed in their Maasai Mara camp by Kenyan thugs on the 22nd of August 2006. While it seems that the security level is still pretty re-assuring, I’ll keep you posted here when I have more information than the news flash I just heard from FIP (Radio France).

Source: World Travel Watch and Radio France.

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  1. Things are clearing up now (thanks to “Google news”).

    Thugs attacked, shortly after midnight, the Mara Porini (one of the nicest and most expensive camps of the park, owned by Gamewatchers Safaris). Under the menace of their AK47 rifles, they took most valuables from the British and American dwellers from two tents before fleeing.

    Some of the money and air tickets have already been found.


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