I say NO to the leader

We are all in a capitalistic society where commercial companies are guided by their financial interest. A company in a monopolistic position is able to freely set its prices (at least, very independently from the consumers/customers whishes and market interests). I can’t do anything about this kind of situation, but it still opens a few possible practical approaches for me to act responsibly when I am on a buying spree for my computer equipment. 

Recently, it clearly appearedd that Intel processors took back the lead in terms of performance/cost ratio in the segment of the fastest (and most expensive) CPUs. AMD, yesterday and today challenger, stays as the only one capable of keeping Santa Clara’s giant on its toes.

If we really want to keep an actual possibility of competition with all it implies in terms of innovations, limited prices and wide choice, it is now the time to remember that AMD is still the best opportunity for the consumers we are to avoid seeing Intel back in a monopolistic situation on computer CPUs like Microsoft is on Operating Systems.

So, let’s buy Athlon 64 x2 4600+ instead of Pentium D.


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