Nikon D60

Nikon is supposed to announce tomorrow (2nd November) its new D60 digital single lens reflex camera (a replacement for the D50 and a complement for the recent D80). Not much is known except the information collected from Ken Rockwell:

  • Moving downmarket, it will come in silver paint as well as professional black. Please get the black.
  • It will replace the D50. It’s got a somewhat newer, cleaner looking body and weighs even less.
  • I expect the D60 to sell for about $599 for the body alone.
  • It uses the modern EN-EL3e battery.
  • The monitor is a new 2.7″ LCD.
  • I expect it to the same 10MP sensor as the D80 (standard DX sensor size) and 2.5 FPS. Image quality will match the D80 and D200, with a lower price and a few less features.

Personally, I am unsure about the details (really nobody else seems to have precise data – the NDAs must be very strict and the Nikon lawyers are pobably hunting anybody willing to show some precise information).

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