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  • Nikon D800, latest news

    Nikon D800, latest news

    On YLovePhoto, you will find a commentary drawing a relation between the possible future Nikon D800 and the other possible replacement of the existing Nikon D700: Nikon D800 instead of D700s?

  • Nikon, Sony, photo news flood

    Nikon launches a Nikon D3000 (entry-level SLR), a Nikon D300s (enthusiast SLR). Sony reveals accidentally the future Sony Alpha 850 as a relatively inexpensive complément to the Sony Alpha 900 (Full Frame SLR). Find all about it on YLovePhoto.

  • Nikon D400 on YLovePhoto

    Nikon D400 on YLovePhoto

    Would you be interested in knowing what the next Nikon dSLR is going to be? A Chinese web site wants you to know everything about the Nikon D400.

  • Nikon D800 on YLovePhoto

    If you are looking for the latest news and the next rumours about the Nikon D800, you can now join other visitors on my new web site dedicated to the digital SLR cameras and digital photography:

  • Nikon D3x, it’s here

    Finally, we’ve got photos and features for the Nikon D3x, the new high-end dSLR camera in the pro range from Nikon. All is posted on

  • Sony, Nikon, now what?

    Sony, Nikon, now what?

    After the launch events of this Summer and this Fall (before and during the Köln Photokina), there are two brands leaving important questions open. This is Sony and Nikon. While the two near-friends had us used to seeing them working together around the Sony digital photo sensors, we discovered two very divergent/different announces about 35mm…