No D60 at Nikon, only a D40

After the rumour of the D60 digital single lens reflex camera from Nikon, it appears that the name was wrong. and we start to know a little more.

A very reasonable German online shop ( seems to have leaked the data by accident earlier today (it as been removed now). This gives a lot of insight about the product. First, the name should be Nikon D40. And it seems that this comes from a very low-end target (lower than the D50).

  • Still 6.1 mega-pixel
  • No status LCD, but a 2.5″ 230K pixel one on the back
  • 3D Color Matrix Metering II (420 Pixel Metering)
  • Center-weighted metering (75% of center field), 8mm spot
  • 3 point auto-focusing
  • Probably no AF motor
  • Iso 3200 (Hi-1).
  • 1/500 Flash Sync
  • i-TTL compatible
  • USB 2.0
  • SD, SD-HC memory cards
  • Lithium-Ion battery EN-EL9
  • Obviously smaller body (BxHxT: 94x126x64 mm ) with the same look as the D50
  • 475 grams without battery, memory card

The price point is unknown but this set of features should put it at the lowest possible target (it has to cover the market that others are leaving when moving up to 10MP). It should be a real price crusher.

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