Ted Stevens isn’t the less tech savvy Senator

Alaska senator Ted Stevens has become the epitome of I-have-no-clue-about-technology US Senators after his describing Internet as “series of tubes” (and don’t dare sentence them to ignominy if you’re -like me- from France, a country where President Jacques Chirac failed to remember a few years ago the name of this little rodent we use with our computer and christened it “mulot” (vole) instead of “souris” (mouse). However, some wonder about the real positions these US Senators take when voting on real laws. This is why C|net decided to rank the US Senators and some surprises are to be found.

Those appearing at the top of the list are modestly satisfied of course. Top score goes to “George Allen, a first-term Virginia Republican who won the top score in the Senate, at 78 percent, after becoming chairman of the Senate High Tech Task Force five years ago.” Rep. Ron Paul, Texas-R topped the House with 80%.

But “Sen. John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential candidate, voted in the pro-tech direction in only 2 of 13 votes. That put in him second-to-last place in the Senate, with a score of just 15 percent.” The Senate bottom seems to be Democrat Daniel Akaka of Hawaii, with just 14 percent (Akaka scored well on just 2 of 14 votes).

Of course, the loosers do complain about the quality of the rating.

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