A look at the N|vu HTML/CSS editor

NVU HTML editor - open sourceN|vu is a web development application with a WYSIWYG interface that is aimed to be user friendly, easy and powerful. It is supposed to be a serious competition for major commercial tools like DreamWeaver (N|vu is a free download making it a good contender).

Unfortunately, since it comes from the Open Source world, N|vu tends to receive a lot of reviews, but not often from the professional web designers. This is why I appreciated a lot to find a specific review that is aimed at comparing N|vu with DreamWeaver and includes very real-life issues of every-day life of a web programmer/designer. It is not only scratching the surface (looking at the menus), but rather trying to extract the best of it (digging into CSS code generation, consistency of the interface, etc.)

If you consider using N|vu for your professional (or serious) HTML/CSS editing and web site design, I advise you to take 10 minutes to read this review. Even if it dates back to 2004, it contains very neat information.

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