PCB trade shows

As an extension to the previous article about Apple suppliers for Printed Circuit Boards, here is a list of the professional trade shows that showcase new products in this very specialized area:

  • EPC Show: The EIPC is a network of PCB professionals providing platforms to exchange business and technology information for the success of the European electronics industry. They organize one of the major trade show worldwide.
    [ Country: Germany | City: Kölnt | Dates: every other year | Organizer: European Institute of Printed Circuits | Site Language(s): — | URL: — ]
  • IPC Printed Circuits Expo: One
    of the largest exhibitions in the world for suppliers to the PCB and electronics manufacturing industries. Over 1,000 exhibit booths featuring laminates, chemicals, equipment for test, drilling, cleaning, image processing and automation, and services – all directly supporting PWB manufacturing. This year’s show will kick off IPC’s 50th anniversary celebration.
    [ Country: USA | Dates: February, annual | Organizer: IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries | Site Language(s): English, Chinese, Spanish, German | URL: http://www.ipcprintedcircuitexpo.org/ ]
  • JPCA Show: JPCA Show held annually in May-June is recognized as the exhibition to find all the technologies relevant to printed circuitry.
    [ Country: Japan | City: Tokyo | Dates: June, annual |
    Organizer: Japan Printed Circuit Association | Site Language(s): English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese | URL: http://www.jpcashow.com/ ]
  • TCPA Show: A window on global PCB-related products.
    [ Country: Taiwan | City: Taipei | Dates: November, annual | Organizer: TCPA | Site Language(s): English, Chinese | URL: http://www.tpca.org.tw/ ]
  • PCB West: The premier West Coast conference and exhibition for PCB engineering, design and manufacture professionals.
    [ Country: USA | City: Santa Clara, CA | Dates: March, annual | Organizer: UP Media Group | Site Language(s): English | URL: http://www.pcbwest.com/ ]
  • PCB East: An annual East Coast showcase for emerging technologies used in the design and manufacture of PCBs, programmables, MCMs, HDI, flex and related technologies.
    [ Country: USA | City: Durham, NC | Dates: September, annual | Organizer: UP Media Group | Site Language(s): English | URL: http://www.pcbeast.com/ ]

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