Fantastic narwhals!

The Narwhal is a (small) toothed whale rather extraordinary because it holds a kind of long protruding spiral tusk (actually an overdevelopped toothwhich can reach up to 4 meters in adult males). Rather discreet (small blow, defintely timid), the narwhal is not easy to observe. But during our crossing of the Bellot Strait, we were… Read More

Happy Birthday HAL-9000!

It’s on January 12th, 1992 that, according to Arthur C. Clarke, was born HAL-9000, the computer from “2001, A space Odyssey” (the book from Arthur C. Clarke and the movie from Stanley Kubrick). Actually, the first time it was powered on. So, it is exactly 23-year old today. Happy birthday HAL-9000! HAL-9000 is an Artificial… Read More

Major upgrade behind the scene at

For your information, I just went through the process of fully re-installing WordPress for I tried my best to make sure that everything is correctly restored, but I may have failed. Feel free to contact me to point me to such failures if you witness them. Thanks for your patience. Actually, I re-installed the… Read More


An astonishing little African antelope living in the rocks. Nearly impossible to see, we only found it thanks to the bright eyes of Frédérique Massenet who was the only one able to recognize the animal even perched on top of its rock right in the sunset light. For the photographers really willing to know, the… Read More

(Nearly) every Alfred Hitchcock cameo

You certainly knew that the great movie director, Alfred Hitchcock, was used to, first in order to reduce budgets, then merely for fun, keep one little cameo appearance in each of his movies, sometimes even a small role. An Internet user collected them all (nearly) in a single sequence. YouTube link