Previews of STALKER and Crysis

Two of the most anticpated 2007 FPS PC video games just started to appear in the form of previews. They are not ready for the stores yet, but journalists start getting preview access to versions that are nearly definitive (the nearly word is critical here because it leaves a lot in between bugged version and final version).

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is previewed by The game is a little more linear than what was announced six years ago (when the first words went out about it), but it still seems to be one of the most interesting games forcing gamers to cooperate with non-playing characters.

TwitchGuru was able to test CRYSIS and produced a small video out of it:

One of the important bits of information from this test is that while the game is supposed to be used with DirectX 10 and Vista, it will be playable with some other (unspecified) Operating Systems.

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