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  • From Japanese tradition to high-tech

    From Japanese tradition to high-tech

    Two news from Japan that I stumbled upon recently, but which are so beautiful that I immeidately wanted to share them with you here. First, a collection of 1000+ wood-block engravings from Japanese master Utagawa Hiroshige also more simply known as Hiroshige at ArtsMia. Hiroshige is an artist who understood how to marvellously renew the…

  • A TV decoder box comes to our house

    A TV decoder box comes to our house

    Sometimes, you just think aloud about a technical possibility and one of the family members will jump and request an immediate application. What could you say? Your geek reputation is at stake! I spoke about small computers that can easily become a network server (Raspberry Pi) and Android boxes which ease publication of videos onto…

  • Everest: Death from high-altitude hypoxia

    Everest: Death from high-altitude hypoxia

    These last days, there was a lot of talk about traffic ajms obsevred on the road to Mount Everest summit. They were the cause of several dramatic accidents in 2019, like in the previous years. Most people would not imagine how challenging survival is at high-altitude, without even counting on the huge physical exhaustion from…

  • Humankind is beyond hope

    Humankind is beyond hope

    A photographer assembles a Photoshop montage showing Steven Spielberg (world-famous movie producer of Jurassic Park and Jaws) in front of what looks very much like a dead Triceratops (a dinosaur which wasn’t seen on Earth face in the last 60 million years at least). Not the best of taste for sure but who would believe…

  • Next time I dive, I want to meet this shark

    Next time I dive, I want to meet this shark

    Let’s admit that it won’t be easy to see such a whale shark baby playing (or discovering how to play) with the bubbles produced by scuba divers. So cute a baby! Source: Requin-Blanc.

  • Humpback whales in Tonga

    Humpback whales in Tonga

    Two great videos. Quite different, but both amazing. The first one is really about being there at the right time (and being cool enough to keep shooting the video the whole time): The second is shot from a profesional drone and shows a very interesting behaviour (two males battling for the privilege of swimming around with…