Fluorescent lamps recycling (UK)

Compact Fluorescent BulbFollowing (or is it answering to) a discussion thread about the recyclability of low consumption lamps in a previous post in the French part of the site, here are some pointers that may be useful to our UK readers.

It is currently agreed that individual householders should dispose of their lamps and fluorescent tubes should avoid dumping them in the garbage can, but the United Kingdom seems not to have created yet the network of recycling outfits that are appearing in the rest of Europe. At least recycling companies can be identified on the Remade web site. One important part of their activities is to collect the mercury vapor inside the lamp before crushing them either for waste storage or recycling (Mercury is highly toxic in nearly all forms including the vapor gaz; Currently around 3 tonnes of mercury per annum are disposed at UK landfill sites corresponding to 100 millions tubes).

Some additional information can be found at:

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