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  • Orcas, videos I loved

    Orcas, videos I loved

    I know! This looks like advertisement for a certain diving company. But I don’t care, I don’t know them. And the videos are awesome. Check the second video and observe the hunting technique. Look at how the orcas use their tail to stun fish (you should hear the noise of the tail hitting fish). I…

  • Photographing the human-animal conflict in Africa

    Photographing the human-animal conflict in Africa

    Too many people still believe that the main cause of wildlife disappearance in Africa is poaching. But, in many countries (when they are sensitive to the issue, like in Eastern or Southern Africa), poaching has receeded significantly or even nearly dispapeared. And this is the continuous human expansion which become the engine driving wildlife extinction:…

  • For your eyes only: Another 2018 calendar!

    For your eyes only: Another 2018 calendar!

    This time, this is a calendar centered around the eyes of wild animals. Click to see all the pages and buy it.A calendar that you will love watching and which will be watching you. A a calendar right for the hidden ophthalmologist in you.

  • Back from Nunavut

    Back from Nunavut

    2016: A cold year where we went to the Arctic North of Canada (in the state of Nunavut, also known as the Inuit country). It was a trip organized by OneOcean Expeditions and that we joined thanks to the help of Polar Cruises: A scientific research vessel from Russia reconverted into an expedition ship, Akademik…

  • Once more! Ice-Altitude

    Yes! I did it again! Here is a new web site I launched recently. this time, the intent is to share Marion Jonchères’ passion for cold, ice, snow and altitude. Here, you will only find extreme sports, high altitude mountaineering, North Pole or South Pole. But this is based on detailed commentaries and spectacular pictures.…

  • Polar bear hunting – Seen from the prey’s eyes

    Polar bear hunting – Seen from the prey’s eyes

    Filmmaker Gordon Buchanan, while shooting a BBC documentary in Svalbard, Norway, experienced being considered as a prey worth hunting. Despite ending with no killing (the glass cage was strong enough), this must have been a real moment of stress. Some of the photos shot by Gordon are in the article published in the Daily Mail…