New Leopard species found in Borneo

This is not every day that in the midst of announcements of more disappeared species we learn of the apparition of one of them. These days, the news of a species discovery is flowing through the ranks of nature scientists. The clouded leopard of Borneo is now considered as separate from the the other feline species of South-East Asia.

Clouded Leopard (Neofelis nebulosa)

Nevertheless, this animal also enters the list of endangered species with only a few thousands of them living in the primary forests of Borneo, and thus exposed to the immediate reduction in size of their habitat.

Sources: LiveScience, Neatorama.

PS : il ne faut pas être surpris de voir les deux noms de panthère et léopard associés, il s’agit vraiment de deux terminologies essentiellement échangeables pour la même famille d’animaux.

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