Old Linksys WRT54G/GL/GS routers running any P2P app

The following note does NOT apply to WRT54G/GS v5/v6/v7s! Use the latest official firmware (1.00.9+) with those; They do not suffer from this specific problem (though they do suffer from different problems).

A little bit of information I collected from the uTorrent FAQ.

The default firmware for Linksys (and all replacement firmwares except for the latest DD-WRT and HyperWRT Thibor) have a severe problem where they track old connections for FIVE days, which causes the router to hang when using P2P apps, or any software that generates a lot of connections. DHT only aggravates the situation because of the number of connections it generates.

You should upgrade the firmware of your router, if it has this kind of problem, using one of these:

But be sure to follow the instructions:

  • Do not modify the firmware over the WiFi link (it may stop in the middle killing your router)
  • Check what version should be used
  • Follow the additional steps for the HyperWRT upgrade
  • Follow the additional steps for the DD-WRT upgrade

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