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  • Faster downloads on Windows 7

    Windows 7 is not even here, but there are already people complaining about its download speed when using Torrent P2P software. It has the same limitation on half-open connections as Windows XP. So, there are people who already found the solution: Half-Open Limit Fix is a small, portable utility that is compatible with Win7 and…

  • UltraSurf: Internet privacy for the masses

    Just a short notice. I discovered a very simple and relatively powerful Internet privacy solution, Ultrasurf, for those of us who may be interested in browsing the Internet in near complete anonymity: hide IP addresses and locations, clean browsing history, cookies & more … It may be the future of Internet privacy.

  • uTorrent, optimal configuration

    uTorrent, optimal configuration

    While I had a long love affair with BitComet as my prefered BitTorrent client, it happens that I currently prefer to use the lean and clean uTorrent software. It is a bit smaller (but it has a tendency to eat up memory if left serving files for a long time -it’s ok if you stick…

  • Software galore

    We never can get enough of them, but our computers are sometimes overflowing. Software applications are everywhere, but how to choose the right one for the task at hand? I built a real collection of pages where you will be able to find nearly all you can dream for nearly all computers: Five important security…

  • Newsgroups: Freely download big files

    Newsgroups: Freely download big files

    While everybody is speaking about downloads under surveillance of law enforcement forces and **AA groups defending the copyrights of music and cinema, I wondered where the download addicts were going now to get their load of big files. I looked into the P2P networks heavily protected by a strong encryption and supposed to guarantee the…

  • 5$ a month legal P2P in Canada and USA

    Nothing is for sure, but Wired has an article about this issue: paying a monthly fee to have fully legal access to unlimited music download on P2P. Wired seems to believe that it would be a piracy levy on ISPs, but I think it would be a real license paid on a monthly basis.