Invisible made visible with the SD14

The Digital Single Lens Reflex (DLSR) camera SD14 from Sigma is very interesting for the enthusiast amateur of Infra-Red (IR) photo: It has an easily removable IR-rejection filter. This is because Sigma wanted to ease the access to the sensor (and its cleaning operations) but it also brings an easy way to convert in minutes your D-SLR from a visible light camera to an IR-able camera (capable of seeing in a large part of the IR spectrum).

This opens doors to a type of photography that is quite unusual and that was only possible with the old IR analog photo films. It seemed a bit over-geeky in the digital world. explains us how to remove the IR filter of the Sigma SD14 and start IR photography.

Beware: It is quite probable -even if Sigma approves of the opening of your camera- that you may loose the advantage of the camera warranty in doing so. To be checked before…

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