New tele-zoom are in view

Amateurs of sports photography and wildlife photography are generally well aware that the Holy Grail of lenses seems to be a (relatively) light tele-zoom lens of 100-400mm range and an aperture under f/5.6. This set of features allows a lot of versatility (tele range with the ability to quickly and easily change the frame) and… Read More

Invisible made visible with the SD14

The Digital Single Lens Reflex (DLSR) camera SD14 from Sigma is very interesting for the enthusiast amateur of Infra-Red (IR) photo: It has an easily removable IR-rejection filter. This is because Sigma wanted to ease the access to the sensor (and its cleaning operations) but it also brings an easy way to convert in minutes… Read More

Monster DSLR comparison guide

Reviewed cameras Canon 30D, 5D, Digital Rebel XT (350D), Digital Rebel XTi (400D), 1D Mark III , 1Ds Mark II Nikon D200, D2Hs, D2Xs, D40, D40x, D80 Fuji FinePix S5 Pro Olympus Evolt E-510, E-500, E-410, E-330 Pentax *ist D, K100D, K110D, K10D Samsung GX-1L, GX-1S, GX-10 Sigma SD-14 Sony Alpha DSLR-A100 This is not… Read More

Sigma SD14: Late

The brand new slick nice digital SLR camera from Sigma -the SD14- is announced late. Sigma published that the Digital Single Lens Reflex will be available not in November (we knew it), not in December (before the Christmas purchases), but in March 2007. This is very bad news for this good product. After having missed… Read More