PC components, price changes?

The latest news from the PC component price frontline are quite disturbing as they seem contradictory.

It is now confirmed that the small LCD displays (17″ and 19″, including for laptops) are now nearly on allocation [1]. Prices are seriously going up. The analysts predict that this is a long term trend. There is a good chance of seeing small and big displays merging in a narrower price range.

For DRAM memory modules, the data seems not very consistent. In France there should be a price increase on DRAM memory (distributors are telling us that prices are at the bottom of the curve and will hike up again [2]). But iSupply tells us that the production capacity is very very large in South Korea and this should push prices down (may be even under production costs) [3]). I don’t know why, I tend to believe iSupply and not the loca distributors.

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