Nikon D300, Canon 40D – No news!

All is calm on the front of rumors about the future new digital cameras. The beginning of the year 2007 was rich in ideas about the replacement of Nikon D200 and Canon 30D, but there is only now beginning-of-Summer rebates and promotions (rather a classic move for the photo market) to help people’s imaginations. It probably indicates that noting will happen before the Fall international photo fairs.

Nonetheless, speculations are raging in the forums on a probable cooperation between Sony and Nikon where the former would bring a full-frame sensor (not merely an APS-C sensor with a correction factor of 1.5) and the later would build a magnificent successor to the beautiful D200 under the name of Nikon D300. It is known that both companies are quite discreet, so hopes are hightened by Sony’s announcement that there will be a new SLR before the end of the year (a simultaneous presentation of a Sony Alpha 200 or Alpha 500 and of a Nikon D300 in September would be ideal).

Interestingly, parallel reasoning is heating up Canon-lovers’ minds. Since the successors to the 30D (very nice medium range semi-pro D-SLR) and to the 5D (excellent full-frame sensor but a body that is less than what is normally expected by pro photographers), hopes and dreams are orienting themselves toward a shock-solution for next Fall: A full-frame Canon 40D that would draw the best from both products, a proven body with a slightly improved full-frame sensor and able to bring the best in image quality.







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