New tele-zoom are in view

Amateurs of sports photography and wildlife photography are generally well aware that the Holy Grail of lenses seems to be a (relatively) light tele-zoom lens of 100-400mm range and an aperture under f/5.6. This set of features allows a lot of versatility (tele range with the ability to quickly and easily change the frame) and… Read More

Canon at the Olympic Games

The current rumour is that top hats from Canon Japan are currently travelling to China to support the imminent launch of one or two new SLR cameras for the brand. It would be the replacement for the Canon EOS 5D (the most repeated name is now Canon EOS 7D, but who knows) and the successor… Read More

Canon EOS 40D, the tests

After rumour time, here is reality for the Canon EOS 40D. There are more and more tests (starting with previews) of this nice digital camera. Imaging resource (English) DC resource (English) Steve’s Digicam (English) DPreview, review, Phil Askey, October 2007 (English) DPreview, preview (English) Chasseur d’Image (présentation) (Français) The Digital Picture (English) Outback Handbook: Canon… Read More