My Whale day

I have recently found quite a number of interesting tidbits about whales (mostly from scienceblogs) I wanted to share here with you.

Whale, lance bombFurthermore, eskimos just killed a whale in Alaska where they found (while butchering it with a chainsaw) the head of a bomb lance proving that it had escaped another hunt narrowly about a century ago. The longevity of the animal is not exceptional (it was 130 years old, but it could have lived one century more, with some more luck). [Source: ScienceBlogs]

Last minute: After four days of difficult negotiations, the International Whale Commission, grouping 76 countries, finally extended the 1986 moratorium about whaling. It prohibits whale hunting and catching with some restricted exceptions (for human subsistance and scientific research). [Source : En bref : répit pour les baleines (Futura-Sciences)]

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