Integrate GNU-Emacs into Windows

Installing the GNU-Emacs text editor under Windows could not be simpler:

  1. Uncompress all files in a directory
  2. Run the ADDPM.exe program

But there is still a little improvement to add if you want additional comfort. Everywhere I install this program, I want to ensure that I can open any file with GNU-Emacs just by right-clicking on it (with an additional Emacs edit entry in the menu).

I add an entry in the registry database by running a file containing:



@="\\bin\\emacs-20.7\\bin\\runemacs.exe \"%1\""

The file is ready to use: emacs.reg (but I guess that you would prefer to modify the installation path to adapt to your own GNU-Emacs installation directory – for me it was in \bin\emacs-20.7).

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