Research companies on the web

In France, we have public and private services to research information about existing and past companies. The best example is certainly and other services described in “Euridile et Cie – L’information financière à propos des entreprises françaises“.

But when you are speaking about American companies it seems that things are a bit more complicated. That’s not true. Thanks to Learn Web Skills, you can research companies online:

  • Locate High-Level Company Information (including ticker symbols, Hoover’s online,, Public Record databases at
  • Identify Telephone Numbers and Addresses
  • Locate Company Home Pages
  • Research Company Financial Information
  • Monitor Company News and Periodicals
  • Review Public Opinion
  • Learn about an Industry
  • Use Business and Financial Meta-sites
  • Locate Professional Associations
  • Find Conferences and Seminars
  • Find Sales Prospects
  • Research Nonprofit Organizations
  • Identify International Business Resources

This is a very good compendium of information.







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