1. Truly amazing, the lions have accepted him into the pride. I have heard that the lionesses even let him interact with the young cubs. Amazing

  2. i’m sorry Isaac but i believe that this is real how do you think people at the zoo feed animals…and most animals need to be played with or loved! Think about this what about Siegfried & Roy they got along real well with the big cats, though since now a days we have my information about animals that we can interact with them like in this pic!

  3. Alyssa, these are wild lions. 100% wild. Siegfried and Roy’s tigers and lions were born in captivity and trained their whole lives. People in the zoos raise the animals they feed. None of those animals are technically wild. Those lions in that picture are. They should be trying ot eat him, but acting submissively (as the caption says) has helped them to trust him and realize he is not there to harm their little harem, so they have accepted him.

  4. Great Kevin. It is said Animal love is far better than Human love.
    Animals are grateful, and very protective which Human love never has. Its temporary only….!!!
    You are the selected one from God the Almighty. Lucky guy……!!!

  5. These are not 100% wild to Kevin Richardson:

    “Kevin says he is most confident with animals he has known since birth, but claims he can become close friends with any lion less than a year old, when it is still flexible enough to accept him as part of its own pride.

    “I have to rely on my own instincts to gauge an animal or a situation, and I will not approach a creature if something doesn’t feel right,” he says”

    Any full grown wild lion would attack the individual if the lion has NEVER BEFORE had any previous relationship with the individual.

    STILL….still…, yes, still…it takes lots of wisdom, extraordinary intuition, and big balls to do what Kevin Richardson does regardless of ANY previous “trained” relation with these powerful lions.

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