Canon 40D as seen by Chasseur d’Images

Again, Chasseur d’Images provided its forecast/rumour collection for the upcoming Canon 40D. Since some people wanted to see the list because it may be difficult to find the magazine out of Western Europe, here is a summary:

  • Same chassis as the 30D
  • Same viewfinder as the 30D
  • No specific weather protection (competitive disadvantage against Nikon and Pentax)
  • 12/13 Mpixels APS-C sensor with LiveView (as on the Canon 1D MkIII) with a possible USB or Wifi control
  • 14-bit encoding (as in the Canon 1D MkIII)
  • 1600 and 3200 ISO
  • Sensor cleaning
  • Still no wireless flash
  • Same read LCD as on the Canon 30D
  • 5 frames/second
  • Improved AF, but no real detail about it or any forecast
  • 1/8000s max speed (with 1/250s flash synchro)

Personnally, I found interesting the possible convergence with some of the features of the Canon 5D (I see the advantage Canon would have to do this), but Chasseur d’Images still keeps a possible Canon 3D in a rumoured timeline for 2008.







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