Canon EOS 40D: First real images?

This time, it seems that Canon let go a few images to start just-not-officially teasing the public. The first shots are not giving too much information, but it’s a good confirmation that it’s probably arriving very very soon.

Canon EOS 40D - top

Canon EOS 40D - back

No violent changes visible when we compare with the old Canon EOS 20D or 30D.

  • I think that the viewfinder will not change since the exterior seems really unchanged.
  • The LCD back display sees its size increase notably.
  • The use of the button at the lower right of the LCD screen (the one with the little grey flower mini-logo) is not clear to me… Or is it the Picture style button of the 400D/Xti?
  • On the rotary button of the left side, we can see the arrival of 3 new exposure modes (I can’t make their marking). Maybe they are user-programmable configurations.

Don’t you like it?

PS: The images are already gone from the original web site (SLRclub).

Update: Northlight-Images just got enough time to catch some more elements before they were removed from a German web site. They add precise information about the functions of the camera. Here are these images:

Canon EOS 40D - dial

Canon EOS 40D - viewfinder

Canon EOS 40D - LCD

It gives a fair confirmation of the 3 programmable users modes (C1, C2, C3) and I let you count the number of AF zones or other interesting details.



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