My Clié is dead, long live Palm T|X

After a few years of good faithful service, my Sony Clié PDA suicided by jumping from the corner of a table flat on the carpeted floor. It survived but is seriously maimed (the screen is partly blackened and operates only very partly). Disappointed by the lack of faithfulness from my grey little friend, I went to the store and bought a new dark blue companion in the form of a nice black little Palm T|X, TX or Tungsten-X. So, now is the time to transfer from one to the next.

I simply moved from one to the next as indicated in the user’s manual:

  • Synchronize the old Clié
  • Install the new Palm software
  • Synchronize the Clié
  • Connect the new Palm TX
  • Synchronize the Palm TX

It’s as simple as that. It is refreshingly pleasant to see that sometimes things work just as they should.