DirectX, back to the future

Whoever has been using DirectX software on Windows (and this means PC gamers, and only them) knows that you simultaneously need to continuously install new upgrades of the humongous software package from Microsoft in order to keep the best performance out of the PC games and the will to uninstall it or to come back to an older version of it.

Unfortunately, there are problems:

  • DirectX is ever bigger and needs a lot of disk space (not counting some memory too)
  • DirectX is virtually useless to anybody not playing games on their PC
  • DirectX has incompatibilities with some games or some games have incompatibilities with some versions of DirectX

So, you are constantly oscillating between the will to have the latest version and to come back to an older one. Unfortunately, this is at least difficult and even sometimes downright impossible for the normal PC user.

Here comes a nice little shareware program, DirectX Happy Uninstall. It brings the possibility to move forward and backward into the wealth of installed DirectX versions and configurations. Uninstall, re-install, that’s just $12.95.

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