Canon 40D: Sales document and firmware

Latest news about the Canon EOS 40D.

Think Camera has a new review of the EOS 40D. Nothing fancy, but the reliable analysis expected from TC. They love the camera, and I can understand from what I could peek at a couple of models recently.

Interestingly, the review of the Canon 40D at shows that they are currently shipping a frimware revision 1.0.4. They seems to think that there is something weird with Adobe CameraRaw when using this firmware. I could not test it by myself. But, be warned.

Additonally, you can find the latest Canon EOS 40D sales guide on the same web site. It’s big 11MB PDF, but well worth reading if you don’t have the sales pitch from your Internet e-commerce web site.

Last but not least, Tom’s Guide publishes a review of the Canon EOS 40D in French, more for the consumer than the photogrpaher, but interesting nevertheless.






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