Crysis, available tomorrow

After months of expectation organised by marketing and advertisment, the FPS video game most awaited of the year, Crysis, will be available tomorrow (you can already download it on Steam and the Electronic Arts online shop/store -on-line electronic payment and validation- but not use it yet).

Graphic card providers are already dreaming of the rising sales of their top products. But they also have to prepare their software programs. For example, nVidia drivers have just been upgraded again to a last minute revision (version 169.09 beta) to correct a final bug detected in the management of some water reflections of Crysis. Furthermore, beyond those last refinements from manufacturers, Crytek polished the chrome plates and it appears that the final version of the game also got a small improvement in performance and fluidity (compared to the Crysis demo available for a few days already).

Now, the amateurs only have a short time left to prep up their PC to the arrival of Crysis. Here come the nice links to two little articles you’d like:
Cryssi online - one of their concept images

  • Crysis – Very High Settings in DX9 tells us all about how to get the “high performance” settings normally accessible only to Vista-powered machines running DirectX 10, but while only using an XP PC under DirectX 9 (you may not be welcoming the idea of buying a shiny new expensive OS to improve Crysis looks). It’s only a matter of adding a system.cfg file with the right data in the game installation directory.
  • Tweak Guide gives all the details about Crysis optimisation, configuration and a few tweaks.

Advice to those willing to pay Crysis online, the exchange rate does not seem very favorable to Euros. If you pay 49.95 dollars, the bank should short your account with something like 35 euros. It’s up to you to see if this exchange rate compares favorably to what EA wants to charge in Euros!

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