Shock photos from planet Mars

The Hirise exploration vessel from NASA arrived near planet MArs last September. Able to shoot photos from the red planet at an amazing resolution (around 1 meter per pixel), Hirise sends us back some really astounding images. Some of them bring the memory of the great images of Y.Arthus-Bertrand in his Earth seen from the sky (without the human element he normally always includes, of course). And the black and white images remind the B&W photographer about the key rule of always checking what quality textures s/he will include in the photos.

Mars Victoria Crater seen by Hirise - Photo NASA

The photorgaph shown here is of the Victoria crater in the equatorial region of Meridiani Planum. You find a distinctively “scalloped” or “festooned” rim around the 800-meter diameter crater. Inside it, the finer material formed a network of dunes sized about a few meters to tens of meters.

Source: NASA.

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