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  • New hummingbirds

    New hummingbirds

    After a recent trip to Ecuado, I had the possibility of enriching my collection of hummingbirds. All my new hummingbirds are here: I love these small (or tiny, rather) birds. Colors, shiny feathers, high speed make them adorable and excellent subjects for photography. Truly fascinating…

  • A big Spanish cat

    A big Spanish cat

    Wild focus is at it again: Back in Spain for the Iberian Lynx. You can visit the image portfolio.

  • A few rabbits

    A few rabbits

    Just published on “Wild focus“, a few rabbits shot in the afternoon light of Spain.

  • My own preferred photos: Wild focus

    My own preferred photos: Wild focus

    I know that publishing here on a more or less regular basis my new photos from my own adventures in the wild world is appreciated by some. But I am also asked to come back to older photos or to highlight some of the pictures I prefer. So, I decided to create a kind of…

  • Crinkle cranckle

    Crinkle cranckle

    Two images that I found both on the excellent TYWKIWDBI blog. You will notice that they are loosely related.

  • Photographing the human-animal conflict in Africa

    Photographing the human-animal conflict in Africa

    Too many people still believe that the main cause of wildlife disappearance in Africa is poaching. But, in many countries (when they are sensitive to the issue, like in Eastern or Southern Africa), poaching has receeded significantly or even nearly dispapeared. And this is the continuous human expansion which become the engine driving wildlife extinction:…