Latest rumours about Sony Alpha 900

New Sony Alpha at PMAWe all want to see the newest pro camera from Sony (allegedly Sony Alpha 900, previously presented by Sony as the flagship model). But the problem is that we only have rumours to look at. But here is a short summary of a few of the things I could collect here and there.

  • Sensor is nearly certain to be full-frame, but size could something in between 14MP and 21.42MP (possibly 16-18MP)
  • Sony anti-shake
  • 3″ LCD (it’s now standard)
  • Full weather-sealing (isn’t it just whishful thinking/dreaming?)

It’s even visible as product page on the web site. But it looks a bit too early to believe them (they don’t even try to give a sensor resolution or a price). Probably, just a way to collect Google attention.

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