Opera 9: voice commands

I just discovered (I have to admit that I had not to look very far) a small feature of the Opera browser (from version 9): the voice interface. This is fascinating, Opera accepts voice commands and can read the contents of a web page.

You have to first install a small add-in module (that is immediately downloaded from the Internet and available from a button in the icon bar of Opera) to reach these features. After a few seconds or minutes, the Internet user will be able to use his or her browser by pressing on a key to start the browser listening to your orders. Simple: Insert key, Baby open page, Insert key, and a new page opens. You must keep a relatively good American English accent, but it works quite well (even with a lot of background noise).

On the other side, you can request Baby read to listen to Opera reading the first lines of the page or the selected paragraph you previously selected.

Nota bene: I told Opera that I prefered to use Baby as a prefix to all commands rather than the bland Opera prefix; I find this cuter.

A feature that you must try too. In a free browser of very high quality.

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