Sony Alpha 900 or Alpha 500

As surprising as it may be, I needed to inform you about one little bit of rumour that is currently appearing on the Internet: The next ‘flagship‘ digital SLR camera (hig-end camera based on a Full Frame 15- or 20-MP sensor) from Sony could well not be called Alpha 900 as expected by nearly everybody but rather Alpha 500. I don’t really believe it, but you never know…

The other possibility is that the Sony Alpha 500 is another new mid-to-high end camera product that nobody’s seen yet (a successor to the Alpha 700, already?) but it would be the source of some confusing thoughts. To be checked in the future.

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  1. Sony Alpha 500 has been in shop for a long time. It is between 400 and 700, and seems quite good.

  2. Old Farmer,
    I would suggest you check the date of my original article (April 2008: Things changed since then) and your facts (the Alpha 500 is still a rumor, contrary to what you seem to believe).
    But I have confidence that you will be right in a few weeks (before the end of 2009) with the appearance of the Sony Alpha 500 and Sony Alpha 550.

    For the latest updates, check, my other web site specialized in photography news.

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