Canon did it again!

Canon is definitely an innovative brand for the marketing of photo products. For years, regarding single lens reflex cameras, Canon specialized in products clearly ahead of their time; I think about the Canon EOS 300D, of course, which surprised/shocked the market with a price so totally different from the rest of the digital SLRs that it allowed a whole new generation of photographers to move to digital. But there was also the Canon EOS 5D to bring a Full Frame sensor which is still appealing to many a photographer (wait for a post about this in a few days).

Canon EOS 1000D / Canon Rebel XS - Front

But Canon does not stop here. A few days ago, the Japan brand announced a Digital SLR, the Canon EOS 1000D / Canon Rebel XS opening the doors of the D-SLR market to those who where still staying with bridge cameras.

Of course, nobody could compare the technical features with the high-end products that is catching our attention in most of the posts here.

  • 10 mega-pixels: it’s not much, but largely enough for 99% of the Sunday photographers
  • 7-area AF: just right
  • Continuous shooting at 3 fps in JPG (or 1,5 fps in Raw): certainly not pro-level, but more than enough to shoot holidays and families
  • 2.5″ LCD with LiveView
  • Price: 699.99€ / £579.99 with a lens (stabilized 18-55mm) or 599.99€ / £499.99 body only.
  • Available August 2008 (no date for USA launch)

Canon EOS 1000D / Canon Rebel XS - Back

If this camera is aiming lower than the current Canon EOS 450D / Rebel XSi, it will still find some competition with the Nikon D60 and the Sony Alpha 200.

Images (sur DPreview).

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