Even more pixels: Dresden

We have seen many, but today’s world record is a 26-gigapixel panoramic image of Dresden, Germany. I did not write 26-megapixel. It’s 1000 times what you’d expect from a better-than-high-end digital SLR photo camera. This impressive photo is made of 1,665 individual shots captured with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II photo camera armed with… Read More

New EOS specs?

According to French electronic magazine EOS Numérique, the next Canon EOS dSLR camera will have the following specs. 24 mega-pixel 24X36/Full Frame CMOS sensor DIGIC IV processor LiveView Video Mode Integrated Cleaning System Full compatibility with Canon EF and EX-series Speedlites Magnesium alloy body New battery, new grip Price: 2600€ Official announcement: 17/09/2008 It seems… Read More

Embargo on Canon EOS 5D MkII, Sony Alpha 900

The DPreview forums are currently providing the latest bit of information about the Canon EOS 5D succession. The EOS 5D is dead, long live the… EOS 7D and EOS 5D MkII. The first would be for a low cost option (around $2000 – I told you that this low price point would be critical in… Read More

Confirmation: The Canon EOS 5D MkII will be at Photokina

Everybody expects it to happen, but here is a noticia (in Spanish) where the writer informs us that the Canon people at the IFA2008 exhibition confirmed that the Canon EOS 5D will be renewed with the arrival of a new D-SLR camera with a Full Frame sensor within the scope of the next Koln Photokina… Read More

Canon EOS 50D

You loved the Canon EOS 30D, then the EOS 40D. But since you’re hooked to buying always the best technology that money can buy, you are already looking for the next digital SLR camera from Canon. And you’re right. If something can be learned from history, the regular schedule of launches for the mid-range line… Read More

Canon did it again!

Canon is definitely an innovative brand for the marketing of photo products. For years, regarding single lens reflex cameras, Canon specialized in products clearly ahead of their time; I think about the Canon EOS 300D, of course, which surprised/shocked the market with a price so totally different from the rest of the digital SLRs that… Read More

Upgrade your Canon camera to OpenSource nirvana

If you have a simple Point-n-Shoot digital camera, you may not know it, but you are limited more by the marketing teams than by the real technical constraints of your hardware. But if your camera is from Canon you may find an easy way out. The Canon Hacker’s Development Kit is an open-source software project… Read More

Sony & Sigma on long tele zooms

Today’s launches in Las Vegas have the advantage of offering good opportunities to make interesting comparisons. First comes to my mind the opposition of two high-end tele-zooms that should interest the enthusiast photographer looking toward sports, wildlife and even portrait: Sigma APO 120-400mm f/4.5-5.6 DG OS HSM Sony 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 G (SAL70300G) Tous les deux… Read More