Nikon D700 already in Germany

Here it comes! The German photo magazine ProfiFoto is just out in the stands (with a little delay probably designed to ensure compliance with the Non-Disclosure Agreements -NDA- about the Nikon D700) with a this description of the new Nikon D700:

  • Nikon D3 sensor: Full Frame, 12 MP
  • Dust cleaning on the sensor
  • 200-6400ISO
  • From 1/8000s to 30s (flash synchro at 1/250s)
  • 5 frames/seconde (8fps with MB-D10)
  • Virtual horizon?
  • Viewfinder a little more limited than on the D3, with 95% field coverage
  • Integrated flash, NG11
  • Batteries: EN-EL3e
  • Compact Flash cards
  • Weight: 1076g
  • Price: 2599€ (about the price I estimated previously, but for the more expensive end of the FF market)

Source: An email from a German Internet user.






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