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  • Nikon D800, latest news

    Nikon D800, latest news

    On YLovePhoto, you will find a commentary drawing a relation between the possible future Nikon D800 and the other possible replacement of the existing Nikon D700: Nikon D800 instead of D700s?

  • Nikon, Sony, photo news flood

    Nikon launches a Nikon D3000 (entry-level SLR), a Nikon D300s (enthusiast SLR). Sony reveals accidentally the future Sony Alpha 850 as a relatively inexpensive complément to the Sony Alpha 900 (Full Frame SLR). Find all about it on YLovePhoto.

  • Nikon D90 – it’s official now

    Nikon D90 – it’s official now

    We are nearing time for the Photokina fair in Koln, Germany. So, photo manufacturer companies areannouncing their new products right now. As expected, here comes the Nikon D90 aimed at the entry-level D-SLR market. It is supposed to replace the Nikon D80. The first presentations and reviews are coming up now everywhere on the Internet…

  • Nikon, the show is going on

    Impressive as the Nikon D700 arrival was, it seems that this is not the end of the great launches for the yellow brand. Several people have been playing with the notion of seeing more SLR cameras coming soon, but Thom Hogan is usually quite knowledgeable about Nikon. So, when it says that things are moving…

  • Nikon D900 or Nikon D3x

    For those who ask, the Nikon D3x is not yet confirmed by Nikon. However, this is the supposed/rumoured name of the next Nikon Full Frame camera (after the Nikon D3 and D700). It is supposed to use the Sony 24MP sensor that is at the core of the next Sony Alpha 900. Interestingly, Thom Hogan,…

  • Nikon D700 – French vidéo

    Nikon D700 présentationenvoyé par focusnumerique Lien vers la vidéo