Nikon D90

Hardly believable, scoops about the Nikon photo camera that should quickly replace the Nikon D80 are popping all over the place with the active support of Thom Hogan, reknown expert for the photo brand.

We already knew that it would be named Nikon D90 which is not surprising. But little details are pouring on us about this camera supposed to aim the entry-level customers coming from the bridge cameras and disappointed by the limitations of this type of cheap photo cameras.

If you want a summary, the most notable features should be:

  • 12.2 MP sensor (APS-C size)
  • sensor cleaning by shaking
  • continuous shoot at 4 frames/s
  • ISO 100-1600 (ext. 3200ISO)
  • LiveView feature on an orientable 3″ LCD screen of 230,000 pixels
  • the same viewfinder as on the Nikon D80
  • no AF motor in the body (it seems to be now reserved to the Nikon cameras of middle/high range and many entry-level lenses are doing without)
  • photo retouching right in the body
  • basic light metering 420 pixel matrix)
  • price tag a little high: $1300 with the new 18-105mm VR.

But the big surprise could come from the arrival of in-body image stabilisation (rather than in-lens). It would be a major strategy switch at Nikon (probably to optimize lens costs).  If it would lead to a split of lens ranges between an APS-C/DX range stabilized on the body and an FF/FX range stabilized form the lens itself, we would see the creation of two photo lines separated between amateurs and enthusiasts/pros. When we remember that these two customer categories behave quite differently, it has a clear logic; But it would limit the possibility of seeing customers migrate upward.







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