Nikon D90, video visit

Digital Rev prepared a video presentation of the new Nikon low-to-middle-range digital SLR camera: Nikon D90. Link to YouTube Here you can see the video recording feature in operation. And a lot of the other fancy features too (fish eye effect!) Note: Video recording is not only a feature for the stratospherically-priced Canon EOS 5D… Read More

Nikon D90 – it’s official now

We are nearing time for the Photokina fair in Koln, Germany. So, photo manufacturer companies areannouncing their new products right now. As expected, here comes the Nikon D90 aimed at the entry-level D-SLR market. It is supposed to replace the Nikon D80. The first presentations and reviews are coming up now everywhere on the Internet… Read More

Nikon D90 at Target

Indirect confirmation of what we told previously here about the future replacement for the Nikon D80. This new photo camera was “seen” (more or less) on the web site where a single page is describing it as: Nikon D90 12.3MP Digital SLR w/ 18-105mm No photo, no detailed technical features, but the title confirms… Read More

Nikon, the show is going on

Impressive as the Nikon D700 arrival was, it seems that this is not the end of the great launches for the yellow brand. Several people have been playing with the notion of seeing more SLR cameras coming soon, but Thom Hogan is usually quite knowledgeable about Nikon. So, when it says that things are moving… Read More

Nikon D90

Hardly believable, scoops about the Nikon photo camera that should quickly replace the Nikon D80 are popping all over the place with the active support of Thom Hogan, reknown expert for the photo brand. Elsewhere on this site: Bookmarks about photo Some of my older photos Science bookmarks Paris by night(photo) We already knew that… Read More

Nikon D90

While it is difficult to find any ground for these speculations, people keep repeating that Nikon is about to announce simultaneously a Nikon D700 high-end DSLR camera and a lower-end Nikon D90 to provide an able DSLR for most photographers. It seems that most of the original information comes from Thom Hogan’s web site and… Read More